Video Game Recommendation: Final Fantasy XII: Zodiac Age

final fantasy zodiac agePlatform: Playstation 4

Rating: T

Genre: Japanese Role-Playing Game

First Released:

July 11, 2017
Previous release: March 16, 2006

Part of a Series? Nope! Dive in and play away!

Brief Synopsis:

“The game takes place in the fictional land of Ivalice, where the empires of Archadia and Rozarria are waging an endless war. Dalmasca, a small kingdom, is caught between the warring nations. Vaan, a Dalmascan youth, gets caught up in more than he expected when he runs across what he always dreamed of becoming: some sky pirates.”


By now I’m sure you’re realizing most of the games I play are either Zelda or Final Fantasy (this includes Kingdom Hearts) related. If so, well, you’re not wrong…


ABOUT FREAKING TIME, SQUARE, THAT YOU RELEASED THIS. While Final Fantasy XII initially came out to the U.S in 2006, we didn’t get the whole edition. Now, in the remaster, Square made a few changes as well as bringing the additions that Japan had that we never received!


    • Expanded License board. Instead of one license board (the system you use to teach your characters abilities and raise stats), there are TWELVE! Woo! There’s twelve jobs to choose from and each character can have two different jobs! SO MANY COMBINATIONS. It’s kinda almost overwhelming? But super exciting! And there’s plenty of sites to get advice from.
    • Speed Mode! Press L1 on the controller to toggle between normal and speed mode. Speed mode allows your party leader to walk faster, making leveling a breeze!
    • Chest location changes. This may sound like a weird change to be excited over, but what you have to know about the original U.S. release of FFXII, is that there were 4 chests on the map (that without a guide you’d never know about) that if you opened, would eliminate your chance of getting one of the best weapons in the game: The Zodiac Spear. This is no longer a thing!!! Open chests in Zodiac Age anxiety free!
    • Soundtrack changes. You can now in the Config menu change between the orchestrated version of the soundtrack and the original version.
    • Language options. Play the game in English or Japanese! Can be changed at any time on the Config menu.

These changes, especially the first three I mentioned, make the game so much more enjoyable! I love being able to make each character something different with the new license boards, rather them all having the same abilities by the end game (at that point, you decide on which character you prefer to see on the screen!). I can’t wait to beat it!

Go on and check it out and play through the game with me! As of writing this we have the game on order, so hopefully soon it’ll be in stock! Check back periodically!

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