Awesome Websites: Captain Awkward, Advice Columnist

We all have those tough questions for tough situations, and sometimes it feels as if you have nowhere to turn. That’s what I absolutely love about advice columns. They’re a place where you can get help from a neutral party who can give you an idea of what to do next.

One of my favorites is Captain Awkward. She gives awesome advice and is super understanding and compassionate to the letter writers that send in their questions. She’s been doing this for quite a long while and is approaching letter 1,000! Whoa!

She handles advice of all kinds for all ages. I will note there is sometimes swearing in her advice, so if you’re uncomfortable with that, I’ll redirect you to another page that Captain Awkward references quite a bit which is called Scarleteen. It’s a website dedicated to informing teens about sex education, gender identity, relationships and so much more! They have a message board, live chat and a number you can text to get advice as well.

And don’t forget, we’re here! Here in the Vortex we care and you can come to us at any time about subjects you need advice on if you’re comfortable. If not, that’s totally okay too!

We also have plenty of books on sensitive subjects that you can check out discreetly using our self checkouts.

Just remember, no matter what you’re going through. You’re never alone. ❤


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