Peggle Blast

peggle bjorn


Yup. It’s true. I’m addicted to another mobile game app! (Sorry Magikarp Jump, I’ll come back to you one day.) This time around, it’s Peggle Blast!

I didn’t plan on this happening (do we ever?) but when, at a wedding reception we were all playing a board game called Metagamer and we had to determine the merits of Peggle versus Angry Birds, I had to step in (Peggle won, btw. Woo!).

Back in the day, when Peggle was a thing before Popcap Games was owned by EA (those were the days), it was solely a computer game and really fun! You knock orange pegs down to earn points, get all the orange pegs and you move on! It’s a lot more fun and addicting than it sounds, I promise. Did I mention there’s a unicorn? There’s a unicorn!

PEGGLE KABLOOEYPeggle is now available as a mobile game for iOS and Android! Yay! It lets me relive my nostalgia at the convenience of whenever I want and what my phone battery will allow. Luckily it’s not too intensive though!

Go try it out! It’s super fun and doesn’t take much of a commitment at all. It’s easy to stop and start and reeeeally satisfying when you defeat a really hard level.

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