First Impressions: Hiveswap Act 1

It’s here! It’s here! After 5 years since the Kickstarter was created, the first act of Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck game, Hiveswap Act 1 is finally here! As one of the original backers, I obtained a key in my email for the game!

hiveswap act 1

Let’s see how it is! 😀

All of this will just be my initial impressions because I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody!

Just judging by the first bit of it, the art style is gorgeous! I’m really impressed—it’s not what I was expecting at all (and I’m a Homestuck fan!); Hussie really upped the art quality for this, and I’m so pleased! I can definitely see why it took them so long to create between now and when the Kickstarter finished 5 years ago!

The soundtrack for the game is also really great. It gives you a feeling for the atmosphere of each room you enter as you’re exploring to evoke whatever emotions the game developers wanted us to feel at any given time. In battles, IT’S SUPER CREEPY. NO ME GUSTA. NOOOO ME GUSTA. I don’t do well with creepy music. Well done, Hiveswap.

Speaking of exploring… click everywhere. You never know what you’ll find, be it an item that’s useful or a funny one-liner. The game helps let you know when something is explorable when your arrow changes to a hand or an eye. Pay attention! There’s a lot of puzzles to figure out as well, so picking stuff up and exploring along the way definitely helps!

All in all, I enjoyed the first half-hour (or more, depends on how fast you solve the puzzles!) of gameplay so far and can’t wait to do more!

Quick Note:

It doesn’t seem like you have to have read Homestuck to enjoy Hiveswap, but I highly recommend reading some just to get a basic understanding of the world the characters are a part of. It’s not required, but it definitely will enhance your enjoyment of Hiveswap! Plus you can’t go wrong with reading Homestuck; it’s a fun (though long read!).  

If you don’t have the funds to get Hiveswap, definitely give Homestuck a try at least!



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