#Capture Kindness: Week 3

Hello, all, and welcome back to #CaptureKindness! Last week’s theme was “be kind online.” I feel like this is an especially important one. It’s sometimes easy to forget that behind all the blogs and tweets and posts and random photos online, are real people with real feelings and the things that you say and do while on social media can have real-life consequences. I know that sounds extremely boring and parent-y, but it’s true. Have you ever posted a pic or vid or just a thought online and received a nasty comment? It didn’t feel good, I’ll bet. Think about that before commenting or posting online.

you are loved

Okay, my lecture is over. For my online kindness, I chose to make a .jpg (above) to remind people that they are important and loved. Please feel free to copy and share. There are also sites like Sarahah that allow you to leave anonymous messages to perk someone up. I’ve also recommended artist, Emm Roy. Her doodles are perfect for sending to people who need a smile. (Always remember to credit the artist, though.)

Reminder: this week, be kind to the environment! I’ll be back next week with my report and images!

unnamed (1)



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