#Capture Kindness: Week 5

Last week’s challenge was to be kind to strangers.

I’m not gonna lie; this one was hard for me – not because I find it hard to be kind to strangers, but it’s difficult to capture such interactions on film.  So, this week, I have no pictures to share, but I do have a story.

On Friday, I went downtown to meet a friend for lunch.  If you’ve spent any time in Chicago, particularly the Loop, you’ve probably been approached and asked for money. If you’re like me, this can be so heart-breaking. I want to be able to help everybody who needs it, but I can’t. I have limited funds with which to help. So, do I give all my money to the first person that asks or spread it out and give each person one dollar? What is a dollar really going to do; what can you buy with one measly dollar? But, if I give one person $10, then I have nothing to give anyone else. The whole thing just becomes the saddest math story problem ever.

So, instead, I offer food. Granola bards and apples are pretty easy to stash in a medium-sized purse or backpack. Not everybody wants an apple, and that’s okay. I hope they get their needs met another way, but at least I know I tried. And, for those who did take the proffered food, I hope I made their day a little easier.

Next week, I’ll tell you all about my kindness to kids!

Until then, keep making the world a kinder place to live!



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