#Capture Kindness: Week 8

Last week’s challenge was to be kind to yourself. This might seem odd, but it is frequently one of the hardest things to do.

unnamed (1)

There’s something that I’m sure we’ve all experienced called “negative self-talk.” This refers to all those times that you’ve told yourself that you’re not good enough, smart enough, strong enough, fast enough, attractive enough, whatever. Everybody thinks these things at least once in a while. These thoughts are sneaky and don’t ask permission before entering your brain. (Sometimes, they’re also called “brain weasels.”) In some cases, these thoughts can motivate a person to try harder, but usually they just make us feel bad about ourselves. But the good news is: you don’t have to let the brain weasels run your life. Brain weasels lie and distort the truth all the time. So, it’s your job to set the record straight.

Every time you notice yourself thinking something negative, squash it by telling yourself two positive things about yourself. If your brain tells you that you suck because you didn’t beat your previous time when running a mile, remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect at everything (no one is.) and even though you might not be a fast runner, you’re a kind, considerate friend and you aced that algebra test last week. Say it out loud to yourself in front of a mirror. (Yes, it feels silly the first few times, but it helps; I swear!) Remind yourself that you are a miracle. Seriously. You are an amazing person capable of so much! And you *are* good enough. You are worthy of love and respect and friendship.

This has been kind of a long, wordy post, but self-care and self-love are things that I’m pretty passionate about. Everyone deserves to know just how awesome they truly are. *You* deserve it. Yet, too many people go through life disliking or even hating themselves, their bodies, and their lives. So, don’t let the brain weasels win. Tell yourself that You. Are. Enough. And, more importantly, believe it!




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