#Capture Kindness: Week 9

unnamed (1)I have a confession. I have failed you, my friends. I did not do anything especially kind to my neighbors last week. *sadface*

I can offer excuses; it was a busy week, I wasn’t feeling well, etc. But, as I have spent the last two months telling you, kindness doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming, extravagent thing. There are a million things that I could have done. But, I didn’t.

So, instead of sharing a story about giving kindness, this week, I’d like to share a story about receiving kindness.

Last winter, you may recall, was pretty mild, but we did get enough snow that it was starting to pile up in places. You might also recall from earlier blog posts that I’m visually impaired and my father is pretty elderly, so neither one of us is really strong enough to spend much time shoveling snow from our inconveniently long driveway. We just try to drive the car over it until it melts. I shovel a walkway to the car, at least, so that my dad doesn’t fall and hurt himself, but that’s about it.

Well, one day, I looked out the window into the nasty, frozen wasteland of my front yard and saw a kid that I didn’t know shoveling our driveway. We’d never met him, nor him us. He just saw a driveway that needed shoveling and bundled himself up to come help out. I don’t know if he’d seen us around and knew we needed the help. I don’t know if his parents made him do it. I do know that it filled my heart with appreciation and warmth to see a complete stranger notice that we needed help and care enough to give us that help.

So, if you are taking the #CaptureKindness Challenge with me and are wondering if it’s all worth, wondering if the people you’re doing all these kind things for even notice or appreciate what you’re doing, believe me; yes, yes it is and yes they do.




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