Anime Recommendation: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn (or RE:0096)

0096Age Recommendation: 13+

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi / Mecha

# of Episodes: OVA 7 (60 min.), Series 22 (30 min.)


TU.C. 0096, three years after the end of the Second Neo Zeon War. The mysterious Vist Foundation attempts to hand over a certain secret to the Neo Zeon remnants known as the Sleeves. This will mean the opening of Laplace’s Box, which holds a great secret tied to the origins of the Universal Century. The exchange is to take place at the manufacturing colony Industrial 7, home of the student Banagher Links. When Banagher rescues a girl who gives her name as Audrey Burn, he is drawn into the conflict surrounding Laplace’s Box.” –Sunrise International


Now one of the most popular Gunpla advertisements put out by Bandai, Gundam Unicorn is an exciting tale of political intrigue, war, romance and the human condition. Also giant robots beating the tar out of each other.

Unicorn follows Banager Links as he uncovers the mystery of the Laplace’s Box and the giant robot given to him by his father, the prototype mobile suit RX-0 Unicorn. This OVA series blew up big a few years ago and now has an additional TV release. It was even chosen to replace the original Gundam statue in Tokyo (it transforms!)

The most striking thing about Unicorn is the visuals. The series has some of my favorite designs in all of the franchise and everything looks great in movement. This is especially true of the titular robot, with its flashy transformation sequences and Tron-esque design cues. Most of the music was done by the renowned composer Hiroyuki Sawano, who has worked on many big name shows. As with most Gundam stories, the plot relies heavily on melodrama and soap opera twists to move things along, but it’s too pretty for me to care.

There are a few of call backs to previous Gundam entries, most prominently Char’s Counter Attack and Double Zeta, but they aren’t necessary to enjoy it. Not everything makes sense, but if you what is essentially a cheesy love story with giant robots, then Unicorn is for you.

With the recent announcement of the Gundam Live Action film by Sunrise and Legendary, it is a great way to jump into the franchise.

We carry the first two volumes of the OVA containing the first 4 episodes. Library staff will be more than happy to help you get the rest of the series through interlibrary loan or you can watch the TV release for free on

Call Numbers: DVD ANIME MOBILE V.1
                           DVD ANIME MOBILE V.2


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