Mobius Final Fantasy for Mobile Devices & Steam

Oh Square, you’ve done it again. You’ve gone and sucked me into another one of your free-to-play games.

This time it’s Mobius Final Fantasy, which is available on iOS, Android, and Steam. It’s been around for 2 years, why haven’t you played it beforehand, you must be asking. Well…because! I don’t really have a good reason! So many other games, and so little time, I guess!

What brought me in?

Final Fantasy X. I got an email from Square that they are having a special story within Mobius Final Fantasy about Tidus! They’re advertising it as A Dream Within a Dream, and I AM SO EXCITED. It launched this August, so I’ve already dove right in to get my head around the mechanics, story and all that fun stuff. Once you completed enough of the story to get to the world map, you’re able to switch over to Tidus’s story!

What’s this thing about?

You are dropped in a land called Palamecia with no memory. You hear a strange voice telling you that you and many others have the chance to become the fabled “Warrior of Life.” Are you the one the prophecy tells of? Play on to find out.

So which do I like better, mobile or PC?

PC. There’s not any question about it.

Just after playing on PC for a few minutes I waaaaay prefer it to mobile. Screen is better (and bigger!), I can use a mouse. It’s much easier to tell what I’m reading/doing! The graphics also look WAY better as well! It looks smooth and no longer grainy. (This may differ on more high end phones of course, mine is pretty old now!)  

PLUS, this game is a big battery drainer. If you decide to go the mobile route, keep a charger with you if you’ll be out all day playing. It also has a long initial update time to get started so that’s also something to keep in mind. The nice thing is the game does allow you to switch between operating systems. So if you start on one and change your mind, you don’t have to lose any progress! I started on mobile and was able to switch to Steam easily.

So is the game fun?

Yes! But there’s a but.  

It’s definitely not something you can only play, however, which makes me understand its appeal as a mobile game. It can be a little grindy, but the game makes up for that with an auto-battle mechanism (the ai will play through for you) that’s reasonably smart. So you can play while watching TV, working on a craft, etc. I could even have it running as I write this if I wanted!

Despite its grindiness, it’s still enjoyable and the writing of the characters is fun. I’m especially amused by the interaction between Tidus and the main character of Mobius (that you get to name. I called mine Perrin!).

There is a saving grace with Mobius though compared to other mobile games I’ve played: the music. It gives me a feel of coming home. Especially with the Final Fantasy X chapters. It uses the same music with updated arrangements from the original game that fills with me an intense rush of nostalgia from when I was a kid first playing it. The music is beautiful and definitely worth keeping on.   

Any tips for newcomers?

Use your summon tickets to buy that starter pack that’s only available within the first 30 days of playing. It is woooorth it and if you’re playing it like me just to see the story, it makes it far more enjoyable as well. The games gives you plenty of tickets early on, and you need 9 total to get all the starter packs. It gives you some great cards (what you use to fight with) and jobs! This lets you get through harder battles with ease while being able to level up your character’s other jobs available! My favorite I think is the Dancer or the Dragoon. Mostly because of appearance, haha!

The games gives a pretty thorough tutorial, but here’s some links to help you get started in your journey:

Polygon’s Mobius Guide

10 Tips & Tricks

Mobius Beginners Guide



If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, you’ll definitely enjoy this. It’s fun seeing the little references the game teases you with and the battle system has a lot going on without being too complicated. There’s cutscenes interspersed between the battles to keep you interested.

So if you’ve played FF before and are looking for a game that’s with low investment when you have some time to spare, give it a shot!  

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