Tara’s Top Ten Board Games: Part One

Console games, online gaming and apps are all great ways to connect with friends, practice problem solving skills and just have fun, but my absolute favorite type of game is a board game. You can go ahead and call me nerdy and old-fashioned. (I’ll wait.) Okay, are you done laughing at me yet? Because, seriously, board games are the best!

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Here in no particular order are half of my Top Ten Board Games. (I’ll post the rest next time.)

SetImage result for settlers of catantlers of Catan – It’s takes some time to learn, set up and conquer, but it’s totally worth it. Settlers of Catan consists of an ever-changing landscape of mountains, hills, forests, fields and pastures. Each player strategically builds settlements and cities in order to receive and control different resources on the island of Catan. There are also dozens of expansions like Seafarers, The Great River and Wizards & Dragons that can add different dimensions to your gameplay. Settlers is a great game for a game night with a small group of friends 

Image result for codenames gameCodeNamesCodeNames is a cool game in which two spymasters give their team of secret agents clues as they race to figure out which spies are on their side. It helps if the team and spymaster are familiar with each other’s thinking. I’ve played this game with people I know so well we can practically read each other’s minds as well as with near strangers. Even when I don’t win, it’s always a fun game!

Munchkin – There are a ton of themed Munchkin games including pirates, zombies, steampunk, ninjas, fairies, superheroes and even Rick and Morty! The basic idea is that you’re a small, selfish, tricksy creature known as a munchkin. You are crawling through a dungeon and must kick in doors, fight monsters and collect treasure. It is also well-known that munchkins cheat, so feel free to play creatively.

Image result for fluxx gamesFluxx Fluxx is another game with a zillion different versions. I think my personal fave is Monty Python Fluxx, but I haven’t met one I didn’t like. You draw cards, and try to collect objects to meet a goal, but it’s okay if you don’t understand the rules; they could change any minute! As you play, various cards will change how many cards you draw, discard, hold in your hand, and even the goal of the game! It’s a game that’s constantly in flux. (Get it?)

Image result for scrabble catScrabble – There are a lot of great word games out there, including Word on the Street, Quiddler and Unspeakable Words. But, imho, you just can’t beat the classic Scrabble for wordy, nerdy fun! No gimmicks – just pure vocabulary, strategy and luck. If you want something a little less intense, check out the games mentioned above. They’re all phenomenal!

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