Mahjong Solitaire Classic

Like usual, I’ve gotten myself sucked into another mobile game. This time it’s a matching version of the Chinese classic, Mahjong!

This is available for mobile devices on Android and iOS for free! This does have ads, but they’re not too intrusive, and if you have spare google play money from somewhere, it’s only $1.99. Other than that, the only stuff to buy is extra boards to play but there are SO many boards to play when you first get it they’re definitely not necessary. No annoying microtransactions to make the game playable! I’ve played a lot of different mahjong solitaire apps (I love mahjong ok don’t judge), and this is definitely one of the better ones!

You just install the app, open it up and can start matching those tiles right away! There’s a lot of fun patterns to the boards too. The one picture below looks like a little lady bug! Ahh! So cute!

It’s super relaxing and I really enjoy the daily challenges as well. Once you complete all the daily challenges for a month, it creates a cute little picture! Fun!

Give it a shot today!

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