#Capture Kindness: Week 4


In case you haven’t been following along, I am participating in RAK’s #CaptureKindness campaign and challenging myself to do something kind each week. Each week has a theme so I have a bit of inspiration and don’t have to think up something on my own. (Phew!)

unnamed (1)

Last week’s theme was “Be Kind to the Environment.” There are sooooooooo many things that you can do to be kind to the world around you! You can put out seeds or other food for birds, squirrels and other critters that haven’t gone on winter vacay or snuggled up into a burrow for the season. You can clean up some litter. You can buy and use recycled items. You can switch your outdoor lights to solar-powered ones. You can volunteer at a wildlife refuge. You can dedicate your life to designing devices that run on clean energy. Personally, I went a simpler route. While, I *usually* use a reusable cup for my coffee at work and I *generally* recycle everything I can, I sometimes get lazy and don’t feel like rinsing out my yogurt cup to recycle it or don’t want to go upstairs to get my coffee cup so I’ll just use the non-biodegradable Styrofoam cup that is free and right in front of me.

For my week of kindness to the environment, I said “no” to the lazies and made sure to reuse when I could recycle whenever possible. These are small steps. But it showed me that these things can be done. If I can do it for a week, I can do it for a year. If I can do it for a year, I can do it for always. And, if I can do these small things, what other, bigger steps can I also accomplish?

This week’s theme is to be kind to strangers! Check in next week to see more pictures!

In the meantime, how will YOU change the world?




Book Recommendation: When Dimple Met Rishi

dimple met rishi

Genre: Comedy / Romance

First Released: 2017

Part of a Series?: Nope!

Synopsis: When Dimple Shah and Rishi Patel meet at a Stanford University summer program, Dimple is avoiding her parents’ obsession with “marriage prospects” but Rishi hopes to woo her into accepting arranged marriage with him.

Where can I find it in the library?
This will be on the second floor of the library in the Vortex.

Call Number


I’m not normally one for realistic romantic fiction (I like my romance mixed with magic and dragons), but I’m glad I took the recommendations of several friends to give this a try. It is cute. Cute. Cute. Cute!! And also hilarious. I sped through this book within barely a day or so because I was absolutely hooked and had to keep reading. The characters are likeable, fun and relatable! You totally root for Dimple and Rishi to get together and just thinking about it makes me want to happy wiggle and squee with joy. Dimple’s ferocity and intelligence mixed with Rishi’s heart on his sleeve makes them such a lovable couple. ❤

Seriously go pick it up and read it today if you haven’t! If you have read it already, go read it again! It’s really so adorable that it’s kinda almost overwhelming! Go now!

#Capture Kindness: Week 3

Hello, all, and welcome back to #CaptureKindness! Last week’s theme was “be kind online.” I feel like this is an especially important one. It’s sometimes easy to forget that behind all the blogs and tweets and posts and random photos online, are real people with real feelings and the things that you say and do while on social media can have real-life consequences. I know that sounds extremely boring and parent-y, but it’s true. Have you ever posted a pic or vid or just a thought online and received a nasty comment? It didn’t feel good, I’ll bet. Think about that before commenting or posting online.

you are loved

Okay, my lecture is over. For my online kindness, I chose to make a .jpg (above) to remind people that they are important and loved. Please feel free to copy and share. There are also sites like Sarahah that allow you to leave anonymous messages to perk someone up. I’ve also recommended artist, Emm Roy. Her doodles are perfect for sending to people who need a smile. (Always remember to credit the artist, though.)

Reminder: this week, be kind to the environment! I’ll be back next week with my report and images!

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First Impressions: Hiveswap Act 1

It’s here! It’s here! After 5 years since the Kickstarter was created, the first act of Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck game, Hiveswap Act 1 is finally here! As one of the original backers, I obtained a key in my email for the game!

hiveswap act 1

Let’s see how it is! 😀

All of this will just be my initial impressions because I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody!

Just judging by the first bit of it, the art style is gorgeous! I’m really impressed—it’s not what I was expecting at all (and I’m a Homestuck fan!); Hussie really upped the art quality for this, and I’m so pleased! I can definitely see why it took them so long to create between now and when the Kickstarter finished 5 years ago!

The soundtrack for the game is also really great. It gives you a feeling for the atmosphere of each room you enter as you’re exploring to evoke whatever emotions the game developers wanted us to feel at any given time. In battles, IT’S SUPER CREEPY. NO ME GUSTA. NOOOO ME GUSTA. I don’t do well with creepy music. Well done, Hiveswap.

Speaking of exploring… click everywhere. You never know what you’ll find, be it an item that’s useful or a funny one-liner. The game helps let you know when something is explorable when your arrow changes to a hand or an eye. Pay attention! There’s a lot of puzzles to figure out as well, so picking stuff up and exploring along the way definitely helps!

All in all, I enjoyed the first half-hour (or more, depends on how fast you solve the puzzles!) of gameplay so far and can’t wait to do more!

Quick Note:

It doesn’t seem like you have to have read Homestuck to enjoy Hiveswap, but I highly recommend reading some just to get a basic understanding of the world the characters are a part of. It’s not required, but it definitely will enhance your enjoyment of Hiveswap! Plus you can’t go wrong with reading Homestuck; it’s a fun (though long read!).  

If you don’t have the funds to get Hiveswap, definitely give Homestuck a try at least!



#CaptureKindness – Week 2

This Week in #CaptureKindness  – Be Kind to Your Family!

My sisters are older than I am by quite a bit. My middle sister is nine years older and my oldest sister is fifteen years my senior. So, when they were growing up, I wasn’t just the youngest, I was quite literally the baby. Even though I’m middle-aged now, they still tend to take it upon themselves to do most of the holiday shopping, preparing, and cooking. I just bring a store-bought pie or paper napkins or something easy.

Not this year!

I made three side dishes using actual pots and pans and different kitchen tools and everything! So, for Thanksgiving, we got to enjoy smashed red potatoes with goat cheese, garlic, and bacon (plus a small bowl with no bacon for my vegetarian niece), garlic sauteed green beans with roasted red pepper (That’s right; I actually *roasted* a pepper!), and brown sugar & maple glazed carrots. This allowed my sisters to take it a little bit easier and focus on the turkey and stuffing.

At least that was the plan.

My sisters still went overboard and made about 8 more side dishes in addition to my three. My eldest sister made five desserts! (Who can possibly eat that much pie?) At the end of the day, we were all exhausted, but I tried. And I guess there’s a lesson in there somewhere. I’m not sure what it is; I’ll try to think about it after I recover from all the cooking and then eating all that amazing food!

I hope everyone had a great holiday or at least a great day off school!



#CaptureKindness: Week 1

Remember when I last posted about #CaptureKindness? Well, I registered and will be practicing semi-random acts of kindness over the next 14 weeks. I will also be blogging photos of each act of kindness right here.

New header

Week 1:  Be Kind to Your Community.

There are tons of things you can do to make changes in your community in a big way.  I instead chose to go a couple small acts.

  1. I made a point of talking to folks of different backgrounds than my own and actively listen to their opinions, feelings, and experiences. I think this is the first necessary step toward a more integrated and peaceful society.
  2. I also helped my community in a more tangible, concrete way by cleaning up some trash in a nearby park. It only took about 10 minutes and it made the park a more pleasant place for everyone that uses it.



This week’s challenge is to be kind to your family. With Thanksgiving visits and such, it’s a great time to pitch in and help!  I’ll be back next week with another photo!

In the meantime, be kind.



Anime Recommendation: Un-Go

un go

Age Recommendation: 15+

Genre: Mystery / Supernatural

# of Episodes:  11


“In a dystopian future, detective Shinjuurou Yuuki—known by some as the “Defeated Detective”—solves mysteries throughout Tokyo. Aided by his odd associate Inga, Shinjuurou’s insight and ingenuity in cracking cases, particularly homicides, lead to numerous mysteries solved and culprits caught. However, his partner seems to have some other, more sinister intentions for the people they catch, and the truth of the assistant’s identity and motivation is shrouded in secrecy.” (myanimelist)


Un-Go is a short but really great mystery anime. If you lived with me, you would know that I have a weird fixation on mysteries. If it’s a murder mystery, I’ll always give it a chance (Bones, NCIS, Lucifer, etc). But there’s a caveat for me, it has to be good! I won’t watch just anything; The characters must be interesting! Un-Go definitely doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Inga is especially my favorite character. Let’s just say there’s a little surprise lying in wait for the audience about Inga.

Its length is also a perk for me because I’m not stuck watching arc after arc wondering when the villain is going to be caught. After 11 episodes, it’s over; short but satisfying.

Visit crunchyroll.com to see what I mean!

Also don’t forgot the Vortex does still host monthly anime nights the first Monday of every month. The next one is Monday, December 4 at 5 p.m! Be there, and there may be some pocky in it for you.