Anime Recommendation: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

saiki k

Age Recommendation: 12+

Genre: Comedy

# of Episodes: 24


“Saiki Kusuo is a typical 16-year-old high school student… except he has psychic powers. He can use them to get whatever he wants, but he also knows everything that people are thinking. Everything. No surprises, no secrets, no normal human experiences. He’s kept his powers in check since childhood, but with the temptations of high school now on his mind, he’s bending the rules—and spoons.”


Get ready for probably the funniest and most ridiculous thing you’ve seen in a long time. Seriously. Make sure you’re sitting down while watching this and only have something to drink while the show is paused. You will thank me if you follow these suggestions.

Poor Saiki is burdened with psychic powers. It’s not all its cracked up to be. His parents (lovingly?) take advantage of him, and he has to hide his powers from everyone else to make sure no one flips their pancakes. It’d be pretty freaky to discover that someone you grew up with secretly knew all your thoughts! Ahh!

This show constantly ups the ante in ways I never dreamed possible. You’ll just have to watch it yourself to see what I mean. There are no words created yet to describe this show.

Watch it on Funimation’s website, or on Netflix if your family has a subscription! Remember, no eating until the show is over! (It’s not so bad, every episode is split into 4 mini episodes, so plenty of time for nommage).  

With great power, comes great opportunities for people to annoy you.

My Adventures in Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday was Free Comic Book Day!



This great mural is outside Rockhead’s Comics and Games in Kenosha, WI.


Every year, the comic industry releases a few dozen comic books specifically created for FCBD. Comic stores (and even sometimes book stores) can opt to receive (purchase) a limited quantity of each of these books that they, in turn, give away FOR FREE!


Some of the FREE titles available this year! Photo taken in Double Daggers Artisan Emporium in Kenosha, WI.

Many shops have additional events like sales or raffles or cosplay contests going on in tandem with FCBD. You can choose to spend the day at one or two stores to see all the cool stuff going on and hang out with other people who are just as into comics as you are. Or, like me, you can take the Gotta-Catch-’Em-All Approach and try to hit as many comic shops as possible to collect all the available FCBD comics released that year. Most shops limit how many individual books you can take to 2–5 comics per person. So, you have to go to a lot of stores if you want to get all 50 that came out this year.


More excellent artwork outside Vortex Comics in Milwaukee, WI.

Two friends and I go every year and we share our bounty, so we just need to make sure we get all 50 between the three of us – much easier! I usually call it “trick-or-treating for grown-up geeks” although, there are certainly a lot of families with little kids excited to pick out their free comics too.

This year, we only made it to four comic book stores, all located in Wisconsin. We almost got all 50, but the last two stores we went to were already out of the more popular titles, so we missed a few.

Highlights of the Day:

I found some back issues of some of my favorite series! These weren’t among the free comics, of course, but I was thrilled to find them anyway!

Wonder Woman was performing her hero duties at one of my favorite shops in Kenosha, WI, raising funds for The Walk to End Alzheimer’s.


Wonder Woman doing her part to defend those in need – Rockhead’s – Kenosha, WI

Magic: the Gathering Mana Boxes and ALL THE SUPERFIGHT!

Finding Neko Atsume plushie kitties!


Kitty Collector toys at Lost Worlds – Milwaukee, WI

Finding a real, live kitty! Boo the shop cat at Lost Worlds was not interested in my paparazzi act. But she did enjoy spending some time in a comic book box.


The End.



Tara’s Top Nine Things to Make You Smile Today

If you need a few extra grins today, try these!

This cat’s purrsistence!

Santigold’s amazing self-confidence!

If “happy, little trees” don’t make you smile, I don’t know what will.

This one’s kind of long, but it’s super cool! Also, don’t try this at home.

Inspirational Post-it Notes

Another cat. Another fish. This time with Booping!

@iammoshow & DJ Ravioli!

Scandinavians fooling around in a workshop, misusing very expensive, high-powered tools FOR SCIENCE!

TFW trash pandas discover bubbles.


For more smiles, come on in to the library! Check out a comedy, a collection of comic strips, make something beautiful or play a game with friends! Keep the smiles rolling!



Mobile Game Recommendation: I Love Hue

I Love Hue is my latest mobile gaming addiction. It is available on Android and iPhone for free!  

The basic premise is you are given a gradient, and then have to put it back in order. Sounds like something that would get boring fast, right? You’d be sorely mistaken!

There are TONS of different gradients to choose from and with a large variety of difficulties. This really helps mix things to keep it interesting. It’s really relaxing too, looking at all those disordered colors and making sense out of it. My favorite gradients to work with are the rainbow ones, they’re just so gorgeous!

The squares with dots in the center are fixed points to give you a guide on how to organize the gradient. Maps have a varying amount of these guide squares to make it easier, or more difficult!

When you beat a level, the game is SUPER encouraging. My favorite is when it calls me an iridescent moonbeam.

Try it out today!


Game Review: CODENAMES have a new favorite board game that I’d like to share with y’all. It’s called CodeNames and it’s a great game for groups of at least 4. (You can totally play with more people, but you’ll be dividing into two teams, so try to keep the number even.)

The concept is pretty simple. According to the game creators, “Two rival spymasters know the secret identities of 25 agents. Their teammates know the agents only by their CODENAMES.”

There’s a deck of cards with various words printed on them. (These are the agents’ codenames.) Each codename will belong to one of the teams OR be an innocent bystander OR be the dreaded Assassin. The spymaster’s job is to let their teammate’s know which agents belong to them. The spymasters will do this by giving their team clues. The clues will correspond to one or more of the cards on the table.

Image result for codenames layoutRelated image

The photo on the left is the grid of cards and the photo on the right depicts how you know which cards/agents belong to your team. Let’s say you’re the spymaster for the blue team; your agents’ codenames would be: spy (which is a pretty un-creative codename, imho), carrot, thief, mole, water, paper, ninja, police, and pie. You, as the spymaster, give your team a one-word clue each turn along with a number of cards that might correspond to that clue. If I were playing this hand, I’d say “sneaky, 4” because spies, thieves, moles, and ninjas are all sneaky. But be careful to check your opponent’s agents too to make sure your clues don’t apply to one of them! And don’t let your team choose the Assassin (the black square)! This will end the game immediately and your team will LOSE!Image result for codenames duet

It’s a lot of fun to make up and guess the clues, to try to find connections among completely random words, and to see your friends try to follow your logic! I wholeheartedly recommend CodeNames! There are also several variations of the original game! One has pictures instead of words and one is collaborative instead of competitive. This last one is called CodeNames Duet and the Vortex just bought a copy along with about 12 other board games that are free to use in the teen area! Stop on by and give one a try!






Beauty Tips: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

I absolutely promise Sally Hansen hasn’t paid me to write this! I just love this brand so much. I haven’t done my nails for yeaaaaaars because I’m way too impatient waiting for nail polish to dry. That’s not even including adding a clear coat to make sure it lasts a while!

A few months ago though, I was getting married and wanted to at least have pretty nails, even if it did take forever to dry. I found the peeeeeerfect color with Sally Hansen’s Quick Dri (Set-Sail), it was on clearance, and I thought hey, why not. Cheap and it claims to be fast! We’ll see Sally Hansen, we’ll see. <squinty Leonardo Dicaprio face.jpg>

Imagine my surprise that it did, indeed DRY FAST. It dries within like 5-10 minutes and I’m able to do things with my hands without messing it up. It also only took one coat! Even better! And matched my dress! Ahhh! Perfect!


So if you’re like me, you like having your nails painted, but don’t want to dedicate a ton of time waiting for it to dry (I got video games to play, dagnabbit), give Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri brand a shot. They have a decent amount of colors, and is sold at Meijer and Target. (Those are the stores I’ve encountered it at, at least. May be found at more places!)   

It’ll be perfect Prom coming up later this Spring and even earlier, our Host Cafe on April 14! We’ll have maids and butlers here to entertain you with board and card games while you nosh on some delicious treats. Sign up here!

Need decorating ideas for your quickly dried nails? Check out our collection of books as well, on the third floor!