July 1: So You Want to be a Game Master

Attention all Dungeons and Dragons players! Do you love playing the game but wondered what it would be like to be on the other side? To be the one organizing the story and tormenting the players with vast trials and tribulations?

Do you have ideas but no idea how to implement them or not sure if they’re feasible? Bring all these questions and more on July 1!

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Jason, one of our regular DMs for our monthly D&D program will be teaching YOU how to be a Game Master on Saturday, July 1 from 3–4:30 p.m. in the Vortex!

Sign up today! Grades 6-12 only.


My last two blog posts have focused on the first two words of Fountaindale’s Summer Adventure theme, Create, Explore, Connect! And I hope you found a boatload of programs and services that called out to you. This week’s post is, of course, all about connection.

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We all know that the library is a great place to learn new things and develop yourself as an individual, but it is also an amazing place to connect with friends, your community and the rest of the world.

Dungeons & Dragons at Fountaindale!

Want to play a game of Yu-gi-oh with your friends? Want to soak your friends in an epic water war? Want to just relax with a movie and snacks? Want to meet other people who like anime, manga and fandom? Want to volunteer and give back to your community? Want to learn about another culture? The Vortex offers all this and more!

wild cards

Wild Cards Club Yu-go-oh! game at Fountaindale!

Just look at all the great stuff we have on our calendar! You can limit the age group to show you only programs open to teens. You can also browse events by category. Clicking on one calendar day will show you everything happening that day and clicking on the event name will bring up a page with more details and registration information.  

Go check it out and sign up for some great programs today!