Marvel Heroes 2015: Free to Play

Can’t get enough of Marvel Superhero movies? Sick of waiting for the next one to come out? Already voted this week in our Superheroes Vs Villains Showdown? Guess what! There is a free PC game available called Marvel Heroes 2015.

It is available for download with or without Steam.

What is Steam?

Steam is a video game storefront client available on Windows, Mac and Linux; you buy and download the games through Steam. What’s nice about all this is that the games you purchase for your computer are all in one place! Never purchase a game twice because you can’t remember if you’ve bought it already or not (I’ve been there, it’s not fun)! They will all be there in your game library.

Don’t want to download Steam? That’s okay! Here is a link to download and play the game without steam.

Have or want Steam? Go here instead.

To play Marvel Heroes 2015, download Steam on your home computer. (Sorry to any Linux users out there though, Marvel Heroes is only available on Mac and Windows)

Marvel heroes

Image: Steam

To begin playing, you will have to create an account with Marvel Heroes. You can do so here.

Now for the big question:

Why should you play this?

It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the Marvel Universe. You get to play as a Hero and defeat the bad guys! Hydra and many other Marvel Baddies are still out there and they must be stopped! While they have a very wide variety of who you can play as, in the beginning there are only a few you can choose from. They are:

  • Captain America
  • Black Panther
  • Punisher
  • Black Widow
  • Luke Cage
  • Human Torch
  • Colossus
  • Cyclops
  • Storm
  • Hawkeye
  • Rocket Racoon
  • DareDevil

You can play any of these heroes for free up until level 10.

There are three ways to unlock heroes:

  • Upon reaching level 10, you will get a special key that lets you unlock any hero you so desire (even ones that aren’t on the above this list!).
  • On your second login after 24 hours of your first login, you get a login reward of enough game money, eternity shards (ES), to buy one hero (or maybe even two if you go for the 200 ES heroes).
  • Play the game and as you defeat enemies, they will drop ES. You also sometimes get more ES as login rewards but it will never be as much as your second reward.

For a full list of characters you can choose from to play as click here.

To help you decide who to choose to play as go This site lets you see all the possible abilities each character has.

I’m stuck! I’ve looked at all the abilities and I’m having decision anxiety!! What do??

Well, until after you hit level 10, you can play as any of the starter heroes. Play around with them, see whose abilities you like more. Who’s more fun to defeat baddies with?

What? You want a character that’s not on the starter list?

Even though I can’t make the decision for you, I can give a little advice. Whenever I get stuck on picking someone to play as, I tend to choose the character I have the biggest emotional attachment to. I’m the type of person that even if they have the CRAZIEST MOST OVERPOWERED SUPER DUPER ABILITIES EVARR, if I didn’t like the character, it wouldn’t be very fun. I have to like the character (I chose Winter Soldier for those wondering btw).

So look over that list one more time. Who’s your favorite? What Marvel character can you absolutely not live without? There’s your character. Pick them. When in doubt, let your heart decide.