So You Want to Knit: Resources for Getting Started

Starting June 26th, the Vortex will be holding a monthly Needles & a Movie event! You can bring in any sort of needle craft you’d like to work on while watching a movie. It starts at 3PM and will run until about 5PM (depending on the length of the film).

What’s that? You don’t know any needle crafts but want to learn? Lucky you! In this post, we’re going to focus on learning to knit.

In the age of the internet, picking up new skills and hobbies is easy because you no longer have to know someone in person to teach you; the only limit on learning is time.

My favorite method of learning by far is watching videos on the internet because you can replay it over and over and it’ll never get frustrated!

Zelda Blanket

With time, patience and practice, you too, can make something like this! (I MADE THIS BEAUTY. )

One of the best sites out there to learn from is New Stitch A Day. They have a gazillion videos for what seems like every type of stitch for knitting out there. The provided link will bring you right to their beginner’s section.

I recommend doing the videos in the following order:

  1. How to Make A Slipknot
  2. How to Knit the Knitted Cast On
  3. How to Knit the Knit Stitch
  4. How to Knit the Garter Stitch
  5. How to Knit the Purl Stitch
  6. How to Knit the Stockinette Stitch
  7. The Basic Knit Bind Off

 After viewing those videos enough times and you feel comfortable enough with your abilities, feel free to venture out onto the rest of their website! (They also have crochet on their site but that’s a post for another day!)

Another helpful place to learn to knit (and actually the YouTube channel I learned from!) is the Knit Witch.

A lot of the stuff she has is also on New Stitch a Day, but she explains things slightly differently so it all depends on who makes more sense to you!  Just follow her videos in the same order as the ones from New Stitch a Day.

If you want some book resources, the library has plenty as well!

Don’t delay, knit today!