Let’s get Carving!

Do you guys know what time it is? That’s right!


And no I’m not talking about the time period in which pumpkins invade our every food group ever (pumpkin spicepocalypse!).

I’m talking pumpkin carving!

There’s something awesome about cutting and carving a pumpkin with whatever design you have picked out. Sure, it’s super crazy messy, but I think that makes even more satisfying once it’s all done and cleaned up. It makes you feel as if you really worked for that pumpkin carving!

Last Wednesday, a couple friends and I got together and carved our own pumpkins! Keep on reading for our results! (Also, carving a pumpkin always seems to be so much messier in reality than in your memory PUMPKIN GUTS ERRYWHERE.)

Jen’s pumpkin is based off of the manga character Klaus, From Eroica with Love(a manga that started in the 70s and is still going! You can read it online here).

Klaus Pumpkin

I chose to go with the Triforce Eagle from the Legend of Zelda. I did a google image search and chose a decent sized image of the Triforce eagle I wanted. Printed it out, and tacked it onto the pumpkin! I was debating whether or not to choose between that and Link himself, but I wasn’t feeling overly ambitious that day. Maybe next year! If any of you guys are braver than I, here’s the Link!
Zelda Triforce Pumpkin

Lastly, Chris chose the doge meme! (click here for the stencil she used)

Doge Pumpkin

Very pumpkin. Many cleanup. Much spoopy. Wow.

In the comments below, share with us any pumpkins you’ve carved this October so far!

Uninspired on what to carve?

We have plenty of books in the library for carving tips and ideas!

Buzzfeed also released an article of some fun pop culture pumpkin ideas including stencils. 😀

Not liking any of those ideas at all? Create your own stencil! This is a website that lets you create your own from any image you upload. (Note, the simpler the image, the better.)

Now let’s see those pumpkins!