Oh My Gourd!

34-1113tm-vector2-2063It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! It’s finally Halloween! Hooray! Halloween is, in case you couldn’t tell, by far my favorite day of the year!

Today, we celebrate; tomorrow, we start planning for next Halloween! Costumes go back in the closet. Decorations go back into boxes (unless you’re like me and just leave the skulls and bats up all year-round).

But, what do you do with all those pumpkins, gourds, and jack-o-lanterns? Never fear! I happen to have a few suggestions.

1. Make a planter or flower pot out of the old pumpkins.

2. Feed the birds.

3. Feed yourself. Have a latte or try some pumpkin lasagna! (I personally wouldn’t try these recipes with any pumpkins I’d carved and left sitting around. But uncarved pumpkins should be fine, provided they haven’t begun to rot.)

4. For those pumpkins that just aren’t suitable to feed to yourself, the birds, or even the plants, there’s still my favorite option – PUNKIN CHUNKIN!

Oh, wait. You say you don’t have a trebuchet or air cannon lying around? No problem! Will County apparently has a catapult and will be happy to fling your pumpkins and gourds on Saturday, November 5 in the parking lot of Lewis University!

So, get chunkin!