Tabletop Gaming & Collectible Card Game Saturdays

Did you hear that the Vortex has a new club!?

Starting June 4th from 12 to 5 P.M. we will be hosting Tabletop Gaming & Collectible Card Game Saturdays twice a month this summer for teens entering grades 6 through 12!

sushi go

You can:

  • Get a study room to play D&D in one of the Vortex study rooms!
  • Play Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic the Gathering and other collectible card games with your friends!
  • Use any of our board games that we have on hand in the Vortex! (Sushi Go!, Ticket to Ride, and Munchkin Treasure Hunt are just a few examples)
  • Bring your own board games to share with friends!

What days will we be hosting it?

  • June 4th & 18th
  • July 2nd & 16th
  • August 13th & 27th

No registration required! Drop in at any point between 12 and 5 PM in the Vortex, though study rooms for Dungeons & Dragons groups will be first come, first serve.

We hope to see you there!